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Do You Understand What the Functional Indicators of PVC Modification?
- Jul 14, 2017 -

(1) some of the metal ions in the pigment will promote the thermal decomposition of PVC resin.

Determination of the method for the addition of pigment polyethylene heated to 180 ℃ when the hue change. As the pigment is rich in metal ions to promote PVC differentiation accelerated, and then attack the hue change. Together, but also note that the same participation in the reddish red can make PVC attack color difference is different, such as rich in calcium, the color difference is small; manganese is a large color difference, which is due to manganese and other metal to promote PVC dechlorination caused by of.

Sulfide-based colorants are used for polyvinyl chloride coloring, perhaps due to the release of hydrogen sulfide into the composition. This type of coloring agent should not be mixed with lead stabilizer to avoid the formation of black lead sulfide.

(2) the impact of pigment on the electrical insulation of PVC

As the cable material of PVC and polyethylene the same, should be considered after the color of the electrical function. In particular, PVC because of its own insulation than polyethylene, so the impact of the pigment is even greater. It is clear that the selection of inorganic pigments for color PVC is better than the organic pigments.