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When The New Version Of Customs Declaration Is Opened In August 1st, Recycling Enterprises Will Pay Attention To It.
- Jul 30, 2018 -

In June 2018, the General Administration of Customs issued the Bulletin No. sixtieth and No. 61 in succession, revising the specification for customs declaration of customs import and export goods in People's Republic of China, revised the form of customs declaration form for import and export goods and the form of record list for import and export goods, which will be implemented in August 1, 2018.

The integrated declaration project is a landmark reform measure that will change the existing customs declaration process and operation mode.

After combing and integrating, the original customs declaration and the inspection of 229 declaration items were reduced to 105, and 8 original customs declaration and inspection code were unified in the country (region), the port and the currency system, and 7 of them adopted the national standard code or established the corresponding relationship with the national standards.

The customs simplifies and integrates the import declaration documents, consolidating the 74 customs documents and customs inspection documents together into 10 items, and consolidating the 102 regulatory documents into 64 items.

Changes in import declaration

New overseas consignor declaration project

The shipper usually refers to the signing and execution of the seller in the import trade contract.

For AEO mutual recognition of the state (region) enterprises, the code is coded to fill in the AEO code, and the form is filled in according to the relevant announcement requirements issued by the General Administration of Customs (such as the Singapore AEO enterprise filling style: SG123456789012, the Korean AEO enterprise filling style KR1234567, specifically related to the relevant announcement requirements).

The project is the code of consignee and consignor of the original inspection item, and is renamed "overseas consignee code".

Cancellation of 10 customs registration codes

To fill in the unified social credit code of 18 legal persons and other organizations (which can be directly input to the Chinese name for the system to reverse the Credit Code), in order to facilitate the input, it is necessary for the enterprise to provide accurate 18 Bit Credit Code on the declaration form.

"Packing type" is changed to "fill in all packing materials"

"Packaging Materials" includes "Transportation Packaging and Other Packaging". "Transportation package" refers to the package of the number of goods listed in the transport list, such as the material of the tray; the "other packaging" includes all kinds of packing of the goods, as well as the material of plant paving, such as the material of the outer packing of the product.

Place to store new goods

It refers to the place or place where the goods are stored, including the places of customs supervision and operation, the allocation of warehouse, the fixed-point processing plant, the quarantine yard, the enterprise's own warehouse and so on.

New port of departure

Fill in the first overseas shipment port before shipment to our country's customs territory.

The number of goods changed from 10 to 13.

The 3 inspection and quarantine code should be added to fill in the 3 inspection and quarantine codes for the products which are not involved in inspection.

The domestic destination is changed from the form head to the form.

Fill in the place where the imported goods are consumed, used or eventually delivered to the country. Self import can be filled in by the place where the import company is located and entrustment is imported to fill in the place of the entrusting party.

Easy understanding of the 13 - bit code of goods

As we all know, the commodity code before the declaration form is 8 or 10 bits. What is the 3 bit code that comes out this time? It's very simple, that is, after the customs clearance, in order to achieve a declaration form, and do customs declaration and inspection work, we need to add inspection and quarantine code in the previous customs code, such as 999, 666, 101, 110 and so on.

According to the official interpretation of the customs, the first 8 are the code determined by the People's Republic of China import and export tax rules and the People's Republic of China customs statistics catalogue; the 9 and 10 are the regulatory additional numbers, and the 11-13 are the inspection and quarantine additional numbers.

In fact, the meaning of the 13 figures is not complex, the original number of the most familiar to the inspection staff, but now most of the customs declarations do not also have the declaration service, so some customs declarer is not familiar with the 3 fields.

How to inquire the inspection and quarantine additional number?

Very simple, through the official website of the Commodity Inspection Bureau, you can check the inspection and quarantine additional numbers.


Enter the original 8 bit, 10 customs code, will jump out of the corresponding 13 CIQ new code!

In addition, great changes have been made in the reporting of currency and country codes. For example, the country code changed from the original three digit number to the three bit alphabet. Taking the United States as an example, the original "502" changed to the current "USA". The adjustment and change of customs clearance parameters can be querying on the website of the General Administration of customs.