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What Are The Factors That Need To Be Considered For Rigid PVC Profiles?
- Jul 14, 2017 -

1. Rigid PVC plastic profile is generally without or less plasticizer plastic, which will inevitably lead to poor hard plasticity of polyvinyl chloride plastic. And in the molding process also requires plastic in the viscous state, in order to make a certain degree of plastic flow, must improve the molding temperature. But the molding temperature is a certain limit. If more than the decomposition temperature of PVC plastic can not be normal operation. Therefore, in the formula design, we must consider the rigid PVC molding temperature and decomposition temperature close to the characteristics, try to use a reasonable formula to make up for this defect.

2. Polyvinyl chloride plastic formulations in the composition of each other must be a certain relationship, can not be isolated matching. In the choice of additives, should take full consideration of various factors. The physical properties considered are not subject to change factors, often affect each other, mutual restraint. In order to improve the impact resistance of PVC, it is effective to add rubber or elastomeric polymer, but it causes a decrease in modulus, rigidity and heat resistance. Another example, in order to improve the heat resistance of PVC, chlorination can increase the glass transition temperature of PVC Ding. , But the melting temperature of the '. So that the workability and the flowability are remarkably deteriorated.