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The Export Of Plastic And Rubber Products In Egypt Has Increased Greatly
- Jul 13, 2018 -

According to foreign media reports, the report of the chemical products and chemical fertilizer export association showed that the export of plastic and rubber products in the country reached $539 million 190 thousand from January 2018 to April, up 27% over the same period of 2017 ($426 million 180 thousand) in 2017.

It is reported that the export of plastic and rubber products will be about 32.6% of the export of chemical products.

Among them, 44 million 150 thousand US dollars were exported to Belgium, 31 million 880 thousand US dollars exported to Italy, and 28 million 140 thousand US dollars exported to Spain.

At the same time, Egypt also exported $20 million 590 thousand to plastic machinery and rubber products to Britain.

China, Iraq, Germany, Sultan and France are also the main importers of such goods, with an import amount of $19 million 80 thousand, $18 million 650 thousand, $17 million 770 thousand, $16 million 600 thousand, and $15 million 100 thousand.