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State-owned Investment And Operation Will Be A Major Task In The Reform Of State-owned Enterprises Next Year
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The reporter of "Economic Reference Daily" learned that recently the State Asset Management Commission of the State Council issued a circular to clarify the list of pilot enterprises of the third batch of state-owned investment companies, including the State Power Investment Group, China Machinery Industry Group, China Aluminum Industry Group, China Ocean Shipping Group Co., Ltd., China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd., China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., and China Guangzhou Nuclear Group. Eleven central enterprises, including Xinxing International China Group, Nanguang (Group) Co., Ltd., China Aviation Industry Group and China Resources Group, were listed.

The Central Economic Work Conference just held has determined that the key tasks to be done well in 2019 include speeding up the reform of state-owned enterprises, adhering to the principles of separation of government and enterprise, separation of government and capital and fair competition, strengthening and expanding state-owned capital, speeding up the transformation from managed enterprises to managed capital, restructuring and establishing a number of state-owned capital investment companies and setting up a number of state-owned capital operation companies.

At the same time, a series of supporting policies will be launched. Xiao Yaqing, Director of the Office of the Leading Group on State-owned Enterprise Reform under the State Council and Director of SASASAC, proposed that the Office of the Leading Group, in conjunction with relevant departments, should intensify supporting efforts for the pilot work, especially to study tax preferential policies on asset valuation, land change registration and free transfer of state-owned assets involved in the reorganization and integration of state-owned enterprises, and to study the encouragement and support countries. There are specific policies for capital investment and operation companies to properly solve historical problems, dispose of inefficient and ineffective assets, study and simplify the procedures for industrial and commercial tax registration and change, and study the budget support policies for state-owned capital operation, so as to provide adequate guarantee for the pilot work.

China Guangzhou Nuclear Corporation said that this is another major pilot reform of state-owned enterprises at the national level after the company decided this year to implement the "double hundred enterprises" pilot and the board of directors'functions and powers pilot. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the pilot work, we will steadily promote the implementation of various reform measures, further optimize the industrial layout, improve the operational mechanism, innovate the development model, unswervingly deepen the reform, enhance the momentum and vitality of high-quality development, enhance the efficiency of resource allocation and international management level in open cooperation, and strive for a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness. Industry.