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Russia's PVC Price Rose By 4000 Rubles / Tons In August
- Aug 02, 2018 -

According to the ICIS-MRC price report, Russian PVC producers expect prices to rise by 4,000 rubles per ton ($64 per ton) in August.

As in the past few months, Russia's PVC monthly negotiations have begun, and producers will target prices and eventually implement them.

August is no exception. Most manufacturers plan to raise prices over July.

Most PVC producers point to a price increase of 4000 rupees per ton, but one of them represents a price increase of 1500 rupees per ton.


Sayansk Khim Plast, one of Russia's largest PVC producers, stopped production and maintenance in mid-July, but the market is still ample.

At the same time, some manufacturers said they did not have too much PVC inventory.

Some processors said they would have to reduce PVC purchases in August because of the sharp rise in prices.

They also said that after the summer of last year, Russia's PVC prices would fall, and this year is no exception.

Although the price of PVC has been rising since the beginning of the year, domestic materials are still much cheaper than imported materials.

The trading price of K=64/67 grade PVC resin was maintained at 73500-77000 rubles / ton (CPT Moscow) in August, including VAT.

The bargaining price of class K=70 resin is 74000-78000 roubles / ton (CPT Moscow), including VAT.

($1 =62.40 ruble)