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PVC Transparent Material Use And Scope Of Application
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Pvc plastic thermal properties, pvc plastic at 140 ℃ high temperature will begin to break down, so after processing in the pvc plastic can be qualified to complete the work; pvc plastic plasticity is strong, can be made according to actual needs Pvc particles are used in small units, after processing, pvc transparent material made of various color patches and pipes are used in all aspects, get the consumer's praise. Pvc particles of high strength, good toughness, there is the quality of pvc particles is very light, and low prices, easy long-distance transport, easy packaging and maintenance!

Pvc transparent material use: for the manufacture of aircraft windshield, cockpit hood, porthole and observation window. Early aircraft cockpit cover with glass or celluloid board production, the late 30s began to use plexiglass, that is, acrylic plastic. 50 years after the use of toughness is good, resistant to crazing and crack-resistant expansion of the orientation of plexiglass.