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PVC Toy Material Hazards
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Pvc particles are widely used in construction, chemical, agriculture, machinery and other aspects play an important role. For example, in the chemical industry, pvc particles can be made through the need for anti-corrosion wear and tear of the chemical plant containers, pipes, reactors, etc .; in agriculture, pvc particles can be made of pumping pipes, agricultural film and other agricultural tools; , Through the pvc particles for special recipe regeneration, made into the machine parts. Visible pvc particles not only play a very important role in life, in various industries, pvc is also indispensable.

Due to the low energy consumption, low waste, relatively safe and can be used repeatedly in the production of PVC material, it is widely used in various fields, as is the case in the children's toy industry. As the cost of low plasticity, and can fully meet the toy required for personalized design and production requirements, PVC materials widely used in toy production. However, the face of increasingly concerned about the environmental health problems, pvc toys are facing two restricted areas.