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PVC Products Towards Low Toxicity And Pollution-free Development
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Since 2004, the Ministry of Construction has stated in the announcement that the use of water supply pipes throughout the country and UPVC pipes must be non-lead salt stabilizers. Countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom and Denmark have taken the relevant ban on lead salt stabilizers since 2000. "To promote the development of environmental protection process of heat stabilizer to speed up the PVC plastic products forbidden lead footsteps, is the development trend of China's plastics industry." China Plastics Processing Industry Association executive vice president pointed out that China's PVC products industry to speed up the process of environmental protection Not only for the external environment of the plastics processing industry requirements, but also for the plastics industry to adjust their own structure to speed up the innovation drive capacity to enhance the industry to achieve the upgrading and the inherent needs of sustainable development. Life, we always contact with plastic products, to ensure the safety of plastic products, plastic products industry must bear the social responsibility and social obligations.

In order to adapt to the situation of lead-free, China's thermal stabilizer manufacturers should always tighten the adjustment of the product structure, as soon as possible to develop a pollution-free, composite, low toxicity and efficient heat stabilizer as lead salt alternative products. With our deep understanding of lead salt pollution, other use of lead salt as a stabilizer of PVC plastic products will also face a comprehensive ban on the situation. The country's power sector has made it clear that the CPVC power protection tube, which is within the scope of the license of the power sector, can not pollute the environment and prohibit the use of lead salts and organotin stabilizers.

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