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Nordic Chemical Acquisition Plastic Recycling Corporation Ecoplast, Improve Recycling Capacity
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Nordic chemicals, a polyolefin manufacturer, has signed an agreement on the acquisition of all the shares of Plastic Recycling Corporation Ecoplast Kunststoffrecycling GmbH in Austria. The deal needs to be approved by the regulatory authorities.

Two years ago, Scandinavian chemical industry entered the recycling industry and acquired the German Plastic Recycling Corporation MTM plastics GmbH and its sister company MTM compact GmbH.

A few weeks ago, the Nordic chemical announced that it would invest 15 million euros and 2 million 500 thousand euros for MTM plastics and MTM compact, respectively, in order to improve the processing capacity of the two factories.


Ecoplast factory in vill, Austria

Ecoplast, based in Wilton, Austria, processing about 350 thousand tons of waste plastic from household and industrial consumer goods each year, transforms it into high quality LDPE and HDPE recycling materials, mainly but not limited to the plastic film market. Although the focus of MTM is a strict injection molding solution, the core competitiveness of Ecoplast is to reclaim and reuse the highly polluted PC waste and convert it into a product suitable for film production.

Alfred Stern, the chief executive of Nordic chemical, said the acquisition of Ecoplast was the next step in the Nordic chemical industry to expand its mechanical recovery capabilities and described the company as "an important supplement to MTM".

The Nordic chemical industry has regarded the recycling economy of polyolefin as a real problem and regarded it as one of the three key areas of sustainable development strategy. The company's strategic intent is to become a leader in mechanical recycling technology, in this way to improve the recovery rate, and actively promote the circulation of polyolefin.