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Market Analysis Of Vinyl PVC
- Dec 21, 2018 -

On the one hand, affected by the "11.28" leak explosion accident of vinyl chloride gas holder, the Office of the State Council Safety Production Committee/Emergency Management Department immediately organized the investigation and management of the safety situation of 75 vinyl chloride enterprises in the country. It has a certain impact on domestic ethylene law enterprises. In addition, the price of domestic ethylene law PVC rose slightly in the international market in the Far East and Southeast Asia.

On the other hand, the Fed raised interest rates for the fourth time in the early morning of December 20, and the dollar index fell after rising from a low level. Data from the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center show that on December 20, the intermediate price of the RMB against the US dollar was 6.8936, which was 67 basis points lower than the previous trading day. The Fed's interest rate increase will undoubtedly have a certain impact on various industries in China. As far as vinyl PVC is concerned, raw material VCM has been relying heavily on imports. The increase in interest rates, the devaluation of RMB, increased import costs, hindered import efforts, and further affected the supply and demand structure of domestic PVC market.

In summary, at present, domestic ethylene production enterprises have low inventory and tight supply. Most of the enterprises mainly issue pre-order. In the short term, the price of ethylene PVC still maintains a high consolidation pattern. Later, we need to pay attention to the trend of raw material VCM and futures.