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In September, The Price Of Plastic Waste Will Continue To Rise.
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Today, the environmental protection department of Shunde District and Town of Foshan City carried out special law enforcement inspections on two imported waste processing and Utilization Enterprises in Longjiang Town. Law enforcement personnel inspected the amount of imported waste, utilization and inventory of the enterprises, and asked the enterprises to explain the source and direction of these plastics.

After verification, 2 enterprises have been cancelled solid waste import license. In addition, inspection found that one of the container companies hot melt process exhaust gas collection equipment is not perfect, the site has asked enterprises to strengthen hot melt workshop exhaust gas collection as soon as possible to ensure that pollutants are not discharged.

According to the decision-making and deployment made by the Central Committee and the State Council, China will gradually reduce the types and quantities of solid waste imports in an orderly manner, strengthen the supervision of solid waste processing enterprises, intensify the investigation and punishment of environmental violations, severely crack down on environmental violations in the industry of imported waste processing and utilization, and implement the main responsibilities of enterprises. Illegal and illegal imports and processing and utilization of "foreign garbage" act to destroy the environment.

No EIA procedures were shut down in August 31st.

On August 23, Linyi Sunshine Thermal Co., Ltd. responded to the second batch of environmental protection inspectors in Shandong Province and the first batch of environmental protection inspectors to "look back" and issued a notice:

Although the government requires enterprises without EIA procedures to shut down, but the EIA procedures of enterprises in the daily production and operation process occasionally fail to meet the standards, in order to smooth through the provincial environmental inspection, look back, Linyi Fei County enterprises may be all shut down.

Here, remind you that there is a need to arrange procurement as soon as possible, local plastic prices themselves have been rising, some enterprises have been raising prices, the closure will further push up prices. Bosses, don't rely on wind production. Shutting down risks is too risky.