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How To Prevent PVC Cable Material "oil Leakage"?
- Jul 14, 2017 -

It is necessary to understand the overall physical and chemical properties and solubility of each component, and the compatibility of PVC, the interaction between components (compatibility), the stability and processing properties of the mixed ceilings for hydrolysis and air oxidation, and Specific gravity and particle size in the powder mixture caused by the phase separation and other factors. The composition of the various components of the nature of the amount and the processing of these components of different methods, will affect the PVC cable materials and other plastic products, the stability and application quality.

"Exudation" means that some incompatible components with PVC from the Pina goods in the slow migration to the surface and gradually gathered into a film-like material. It is a kind of oily surface deposits or gelatinous sticky semi-solid film, PVC product formulations with PVC and other additives poor compatibility of one or several components of the mixture. Although many osmotic problems are related to plasticizers, there are many examples of incompatibility by stabilizing Liu components or by the interaction of stabilizers and plasticizers; Pvc cable material of various raw materials, in the mixer or extruder in a certain pressure and temperature range, which for the possible chemical reaction provides the conditions.