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Do You Understand What The PVC Board Includes?
- Jul 14, 2017 -

PVC transparent board is a high-grade imported raw materials used in the production of plastic sheet, which has high strength, transparent effect, clean, non-toxic, good weather resistance, PVC transparent board commonly used in indoor decoration and drinking trough and other places decoration!

Pvc soft board. This kind of sheet is a kind of coil, its color is rich and diversified, has the color of green, gray, brown and so on, PVC soft board is shiny and soft texture, has very good wear resistance, Cold, tear resistance and other advantages of performance, car interior decoration can not be separated from PVC soft board.

Pvc electrode plate general specifications for the width of 1.5mm-3mm long 1m, divided into double and single, in the construction of the time often used welding process.

Pvc plastic sheet is a thermoformed plastic, because it has a strong corrosion resistance, so replaced by stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials, chemicals, petroleum, environmental protection and electronic equipment, etc. are inseparable from the decor PVC plastic plate this plate!