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Briefly Describe The Difference Between Several Flooring And PVC Floor
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Rubber flooring is generally used for high-end places or high wear resistance requirements of the place, due to high prices, the market is not too large. At present in the country is also mainly used in the field of transportation, such as subway, aircraft, cars and other means of transport, airports, railway stations and other transportation hub.

Flax flooring and PVC flooring is also completely different, linen flooring is a kind of elastic material, its composition is: linseed oil, limestone, cork, wood flour, natural resin, jute. Natural environmental protection is the most prominent feature of flax flooring, with good resistance to cigarette butts. Flax is currently the main membrane, is a single homogeneous heart structure.

Antistatic flooring is also called dissipated static flooring. This floor, when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential, allows the charge to dissipate, with a resistance between 1.0x105-109Ω. Anti-static floor, anti-static floor, aluminum anti-static floor, imitation imported wood anti-static floor, PVC anti-static flooring, anti-static floor, anti- Calcium sulfate anti-static floor, which belongs to the category of PVC flooring is anti-static PVC flooring.