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The difference between the ordinary wallpaper and the PVC foamed wallpaper
- Jul 03, 2018 -

  The PVC foamed wallpaper is made of 100k/m2 paper and coated with PVC paste resin filled with 300-400k/m2 and then heated and foamed after printing. This kind of wallpaper has high foaming printing, low foaming printing and foaming printing embossing.

  Plastic wallpaper is divided into ordinary wallpaper and PVC foam wallpaper, each of which is divided into several categories. Ordinary wallpaper is made from 80 grams of paper per square metre, coated with 100 grams of PVC resin per square metre, printed and embossed. It includes single color embossing, printing embossing, glossy embossing and light pressing, etc. it is the most commonly used wallpaper.

  PVC foam wallpaper is thicker and soften than ordinary wallpaper. The surface of the high foamed wallpaper has an elastic concave and convex surface, and the low foamed wallpaper is printed with pattern patterns on the foamed plane, such as relief, wood grain, tile and so on. The design is realistic, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and the decoration effect is good. It is suitable for the decoration of indoor skirt, living room and building corridor. The high foaming wallpaper has an elastic concave and convex pattern on the surface. It is a decorative and sound absorbing multi-function wallpaper.