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Teach you 5 ways to identify the quality of PVC raw materials.
- Nov 12, 2018 -


Ash burning by muffle furnace

Some PVC manufacturers even began to add a small amount of calcium powder, do you believe it? With muffle stove, you can test all your raw materials once, oh, muffle stove is economical and affordable; what calcium carbonate, granular calcium, talcum powder, can not pass the muffle stove "three ambiguous real fire".


Melting point is measured by melting point apparatus.

An important performance index of lubricants, such as the melting point of PE wax is usually 105 - 110 C. Some manufacturers doped with paraffin wax or hardening oil, the melting point will decrease accordingly.


Determination of raw material stability by torque rheometer

Rheometer has a wide range of uses. It can measure the processability of ACR and the stability of various raw materials. If the quality is different, the curve will definitely show. It can also measure the dynamic stability of stabilizer. It is a machine in hand and it is easy to buy materials.


Oven test for PVC

Some raw materials may be doped with PVC, are difficult to identify powder, using oven contrast detection, 150 degrees after a certain time, the first color and red, raw materials may contain PVC.


Odor determination of waste added

If the raw material purchased has a pungent odor, it may be doped with foreign garbage, or produced with cheap or inferior raw materials in the reproduction process, it may not feel good about your production, but it has a greater impact on the subsequent performance of the product.