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Six Suggestions About the PVC Foam Board, Are You Still Making Mistakes?
- Jun 30, 2018 -


 PVC foam board is a kind of synthetic material which is very popular and widely used in the world today. Its properties such as density, performance, appearance, texture, waterproof, fire protection, moth proofing and sound insulation are obviously better than those of natural wood. 6 suggestions on PVC application to avoid some common problems in your application.

  1, PVC foam board is limited by its raw material formula and quality standard. The outdoor service life is different. The low end products are easy to change yellow, deformation and aging. The suitable plate should be selected according to the actual demand.

  2, according to the size of finished products, the surrounding environment, installation characteristics and other factors, select the appropriate thickness, density, calcium carbonate content of the plate, in order to fit the required strength and performance.

  3, installed in the outdoor foam board, can be glued with glue (not recommended for corrosive strong glue), also can be fixed with the advertising screw, the suggestion of using stainless steel screws, so as to avoid the impact of its beauty.

  4. The plate is suitable for CNC engraving and is not suitable for laser cutting. In the CNC carving and cutting, choose suitable cone knife, milling cutter or three dimensional cutter, otherwise there will be sticky knife and cutting surface not smooth enough.

  5. When the finished product is made into text and other finished products, the color of the paint should be changed. The matching degree of the paint should be tested ahead of time, so as to avoid the blister, lacquer and peeling of the unsuitable paint.

  6, good products, safety products in transportation, small text and component impact easily fracture.

  Learned the above several PVC application methods, I believe you will be more powerful in advertising production. The PVC industry is developing rapidly and promising in the world. All countries are optimistic about the potential of PVC and its benefits to the ecological environment. PVC is proving that its role and status can not be replaced by any other product with its superior and unique performance. Social development needs it, environmental protection needs it, it is our human society. The inevitable trend of civilization progress!