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Plastic limiting into a new model
- Jul 09, 2018 -

  Plastic pollution has become a difficult problem in the world. According to research, since 1950, mankind has produced about 90 billion tons of plastic. Up to 2015, more than 69 million tons of waste have become garbage. The theme of this year's World Environment Day is "plastic warfare and plastic warfare". It aims to call on countries around the world to work together to combat disposable plastic pollution.

  In 2008, China promulgated the notice of the office of the State Council on restricting the use of plastic shopping bags for production and sales, that is, the usual "plastic limiting order", reducing the use of plastic bags from the source. The effect of plastic restriction is obvious. The use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets and shopping malls has generally decreased by more than 2/3.

  Recently, new plans to restrict the use of plastics have been continued. This year, the Sichuan provincial development and Reform Commission and the housing and rural construction department jointly issued the implementation plan for the classification system for living garbage in Sichuan province. The program proposed to increase the enforcement of the plastic limiting order and promote the use of vegetable basket and cloth bags. At the same time, the use of disposable items in hotels, restaurants and other service industries was restricted. In April, the first group standard for takeaway boxes was released in Shanghai. The takeout industry will replace the plastic feeding box with a more mature production technology, and the quality and health index of the leaching paper bowl must conform to the standard of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and replace the traditional plastic bags with three options, paper bags, degradable bags and textile bags. The standard began in June in Shanghai, Changning, Pudong, Putuo 3 districts to carry out pilot projects, and gradually extended to the whole city.

  In addition to the government's measures to "limit plastic", the whole society is also advocating plastic limit green life.

  In the 2018 "Earth Hour" campaign, WWF proposed the theme of "opening my 60+ life", one of which is "reducing plastics". Together with the Chinese chain of business associations, green consumption and green supply chain alliance, Metro, WAL-MART, big Run Fa, super city, Yong Wang, Gome, starving, and business road and horizontal enterprises jointly announced the launching of the plastic action initiative to "reshape the future", for plastic replacement, recycling, Comprehensive solutions to recover, degrade and reduce the whole industry chain.

  At the beginning of June, the two level Environmental Protection Bureau of Nanping and Nanping, Fujian launched the "garbage classification, quick decision of plastic war", and advocated the public less use of broken bags and plastic packaging boxes, packaging bags, as far as possible without the use of disposable plastic products.  "When you buy something, you usually buy a plastic bag. I am sure I will pay more attention to the fact that unqualified plastic products are so harmful. Xiao Zhu, the citizen, said after participating in the activities.

  "It's really shocking to see the environmental problems caused by pollution in the news, especially the news that a whale had swallowed so many plastic bags yesterday, and it was really sad." Li Peilan, a retired worker in Lanzhou, said she began to protect the environment from plastic bags, which had not only affected the family in the past few years, but also mobilized relatives and friends to join the environmental protection.