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Plastic Braiding and Wire Drawing Process with PP Plastic Raw Material and Dispersant Pigment
- Dec 08, 2018 -

Plastic braiding wire drawing refers to the process of adding plastic raw materials (PP plastics) to dispersant pigments and other finished products such as plastic woven bags and mesh bags by wire drawing machine. Biphenylamine yellow, a kind of pigment, is often used in plastic braiding wire drawing.

Next, we will introduce some characteristics of benzidine yellow in plastic braided wire drawing.

1. Bright color, full color, benzidine yellow shows neutral yellow, with brilliant luster and high cost-effective ratio.

2. Easy to disperse, low filter value, high filter value will lead to the phenomenon of plastics gambling in the head net of the wire drawing machine, resulting in waste of time and manpower and material resources, so the dispersibility of pigments is very important, and easy to disperse pigments will also be drawn out of the screen with bright and uniform color, no color grains and spots.

3. Pigment powder particles are soft and bulky. Such pigments are easy to disperse in the use process and have better effect.

4. Temperature resistance. The process of plastic braiding and drawing requires temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and time of 3-5 minutes. The pigments used in plastic braiding and drawing should meet this temperature resistance requirement.

5. Transparency, pigments in any medium will have a certain degree of transparency, so the transparency gap between batches of pigments can not be large, to meet certain standards.

6. Resistance to migration, drawing products in the production can not penetrate the color phenomenon, but generally the better resistance to migration, the more expensive the price of pigments, but considering the cost problem, so in the selection of resistance to migration this aspect can be properly referred to.

The above characteristics of benzidine yellow pigment make it fully meet the requirements of plastic braided wire drawing, and the price is relatively low, with a high cost performance ratio, so it is widely used in plastic wire drawing industry.