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In the face of low-cost competition, how do PVC manufacturers deal with quality problems?
- Jul 14, 2017 -

The industry are aware of the price of PVC flooring in recent years has been reduced, since 2010, about 2 yuan per year about the price decline, from this year's market point of view, the industry that PVC floor prices will continue to decline, although the price Has been declining, but the current data show that the new flooring business every year to join and did not reduce, it can be seen that the floor industry profits are still very impressive, from the side that more new enterprises and companies to join the sub- , The competition can be used to describe the blood! So how many companies and companies compete to maximize their profits? The answer is only one "to reduce product quality"

The industry found that the current market sports, business floor materials have changed, compared with the quality of the previous material has a significant decline in some companies in order to keep their own brands and not reduce the quality of the product, although the market price of raw materials has declined, But the price of PVC floor has been reduced more powerful, these large enterprises have been forced to adhere to, but also some enterprises to reduce the quality of the brand led to the loss of all the reputation, so the development of domestic PVC flooring more narrow.

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