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How to solve the mold release difficulty of plastic injection mold
- Aug 16, 2018 -

2018081510065716.jpgAfter injection molding, the plastic part is removed from the mold cavity. Whether single or multi-component ejection mechanism is used, the ejection work is usually completed in one shot. But sometimes, due to the special shape of the plastic parts or the need for automation of production, after a demoulding work is completed, the plastic parts are still difficult to remove from the cavity or can not automatically fall off, at this time we must add another demoulding action to make the plastic parts fall off. The difficulty of ejection is mainly due to the contraction of the gate or plastic parts in the mold. The reasons are:

One aspect of equipment: Top output is not enough.

Two mold aspects

(1) the demolding structure is unreasonable or improper.

(2) the release angle is not enough.

(3) excessive mold temperature or poor ventilation.

(4) the surface of the runner wall or cavity is rough.

(5) the nozzle is not anastomosed with the inlet of the die, or the diameter of the nozzle is larger than the diameter of the feed port.

Three technological aspects

(1) the barrel temperature is too high or the injection volume is too large.

(2) the injection pressure is too high or the pressure is kept long and the cooling time is long.

Four raw materials: insufficient lubricant.

The demoulding methods of traditional plastic mouldings can be roughly divided into four types: top, push, draw and spin.

Now there is a latest release technology that can easily solve the problem of plastic stripping. There are many unsolvable problems in the plastic mold industry, especially when a variety of resin compounds are needed for highly complex design and high gloss finish machining.

Nano-stripping coatings can be formed on the surface of plastic molds, even on the plug-in surface of plastic molds, which can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of these surfaces and achieve a highly glossy machining surface without the use of traditional stripping agents. Even in the design used and the plastic compounds make the machine/tool maintenance period shorter. The nano-stripping coating can also prolong the uninterrupted production time, significantly reduce the machine/tool maintenance shutdown period, and maximize the efficiency and effect of plastic mold production, and reduce waste. Nano-stripping coating not only improves the smoothness and accuracy of plastic mold surface, but also greatly improves the productivity of plastic mold manufacturing industry.