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How to remove the pungent taste of PVC material?
- Jul 14, 2017 -

If we buy a PVC plastic pipe, plastic pipe is too pungent taste, in the absence of circumstances, this time you can put the PVC pipe 80-90 degrees of boiling water for some time, and so on when the taste out The basic removal, this time we solve the storage problem, but also to solve the spill the taste of the distribution. For some small pieces of PVC plastic pipe products, if the taste is not very big but very pungent, we can use the water directly washed several times to stimulate the taste down a lot, if the taste is particularly heavy irritation people unbearable, large pieces Of the words we can not only choose a place to stay away from the small pieces of words if the home can be vinegar in the tube drop into a little, a small amount of drops of vinegar every day will be able to remove the taste of dilution. We can also use the ventilation method to take the plastic to stimulate the taste, the PVC material products can be placed in the ventilation.