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How to choose a good quality PVC buckle board
- Jul 14, 2017 -

First look at the dealer to provide quality inspection reports and testing certificate, and then look at the appearance of the quality of identification, with a good quality PVC buckle plate ceiling its appearance is beautiful, the board is very smooth, no cracks, shiny bright no traces, And can be freely disassembly.

Two news: If you buy the PVC buckle smell a kind of strong pungent odor, it can basically conclude that this PVC gusset plate is inferior products, inferior products of PVC gusset plate will cause harm to people's health, remember We must buy in the purchase of what kind of non-taste of the buckle board.

Three to listen: we buy the PVC gusset when the hand gently tapping the next board, good quality buckle percussion when the sound is crisp. Through the above three points we can buy good quality PVC buckle plate!