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How can ABS injection parts increase brightness?
- Nov 22, 2018 -

The main reasons for the poor gloss of plastic parts are: mould, injection process, raw materials and so on. Xiao Ba elaborates on this issue as follows. Please correct the mistake.

Injection mold

1. If the mold cavity is not machined properly, such as scars, micro-holes, wear and roughness, it will inevitably react to the plastic parts and make the plastic parts glossy. To this end, it is necessary to carefully process the mold so that the surface of the cavity has a smaller roughness and polish chromium plating when necessary.

2. If there is oil stain, water stain on the surface of the cavity, or too much release agent, it will make the surface of the plastic parts dark and glossy. To this end, we should remove oil stain and water stain in time, and limit the use of release agent.

3. if the plastic part is too small to die, it is difficult to die, or the force is too large when the mold is removed, so that the surface of the plastic part is good, so it is necessary to increase the slope of the mold release.

4. if the mold exhaust is bad, too much gas stays in the model and causes bad luster, so the die exhaust system should be checked and corrected.

5. if the section area of the gate or flow passage is too small or abrupt change, the shear effect of the melt in the flow is too large, and the flow is turbulent and dynamic, which leads to the poor luster. Therefore, the section area of the gate and the runner should be properly increased.

Two. Injection molding process

1. if the injection speed is too small, the surface of the plastic parts is not dense and the gloss is bad, so the injection speed can be improved properly.

2. for thick wall plastic parts, if the cooling is not enough, the surface will hair and the luster is dark, so the cooling system should be improved.

3. if the pressure holding pressure is insufficient and the holding time is short, the density of the plastic parts is not enough and the luster is bad. Therefore, the pressure holding pressure and the holding time should be increased.

5. if the melt temperature is too low, the fluidity is poor and the luster is poor. Therefore, the melt temperature should be improved properly.

6. for crystalline resins, such as PE, PP and POM, such as plastic parts, such as uneven cooling, will lead to bad luster, so cooling system should be improved to make it cool evenly.

7. if the injection speed is too large and the gate area is too small, it will be dark and poor luster near the poured product, which can reduce the injection speed and increase the area of the gate.

Three. Raw materials

The size difference between the 1. raw materials makes it difficult to plasticizing and the gloss is bad. Therefore, the raw material should be sieved.

The addition of regenerated material or water nozzle in 2. raw materials is too much to affect the uniform plasticization of the melt and poor gloss. Therefore, the amount of regenerated material or water mouth should be reduced.

3. some raw materials will decompose and discolor lead to bad luster when they are tempered. Therefore, the raw materials with better temperature resistance should be selected.

The content of water or volatile matter in the 4. raw materials is too high and volatilized into gas when heated, condensing in the cavity and melt, resulting in the poor gloss of the plastic parts, so the raw material should be pre dried.

5. the dispersity of some additives is too poor to make the plastic parts bad luster. In this case, the additives with better flow performance should be used.

6. raw materials are mixed with foreign objects, miscellaneous materials or insoluble materials. They can not be melted together with their raw materials and lead to bad luster. These materials should be strictly ruled out in advance.

7. if the amount of lubricant is too little, the fluidity of the melt is poor, the surface of the plastic parts is not dense and the gloss is bad. Therefore, the amount of lubricant should be increased properly.