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Downregulation of PVC market in some areas
- Jul 06, 2018 -

  The PVC market in Changzhou has been downgraded. Futures continue to fall, the market exchange and investment atmosphere is general. At present, the main mainstream of the 5 type of stone material is 6750-6900 yuan / ton. Reference quotation: 6800 yuan / ton, 6820 yuan / ton of middle salt, 6850 yuan per ton of Hubei, 6880 yuan / ton of letter, 6870 yuan per ton, 6900 yuan / ton of China and Thailand, 6980 yuan / ton of Tianhu type 7, 7070-7100 yuan / ton of Tianchen 8 type and 7100-7250 yuan / ton for the source of ethylene law, and the source of some high price in 7250-7350 / ton.

  The PVC market in Hangzhou is down slightly, the futures are oscillating, the market point price increases, the exchange and investment atmosphere is weak, the current 5 type of electric stone is 6800-6900 yuan / ton. Reference quotation: 6800-6850 yuan / ton, 6900 yuan / ton of Hubei / Yushe, 6900 yuan / ton in China and Thai, 6920-6950 yuan per ton in the sky industry, 7100 yuan / ton in Beiyuan 8, 7150 yuan per ton for the high model of heaven, 7250-7350 yuan / ton by ethylene law, and 7100-7200 yuan per ton by Qilu and Dagu models, which can be negotiable.

  The PVC market in Hebei is stable and the overall fluctuation is limited. At present, the main reference of the calcium carbide 5 type material without tax is 6230-6290 yuan / ton, and the mainstream reference of the tax is about 6780-6840 yuan / ton.

  Qilu Chemical City PVC market part of a small piece of loose material loosening, the mainstream of the 5 type of electric stone containing tax reference 6860-6880 yuan / ton self lifting, 6880 yuan / ton letter 5, Ordos 5, 6860 yuan / ton, high model Edward 8 6970 yuan / ton, Tian industry 8 6950 yuan / ton, ethylene material reference price: Qilu S1000 newspaper in 6930 yuan / ton, S700 newspaper In 7020 yuan / ton, business talks.