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What types of PVC waterproofing membrane do you know ?
- Jul 14, 2017 -

The first type of asphalt waterproofing membrane

Asphalt waterproofing membrane is mainly made of natural materials asphalt, kerosene asphalt, petroleum asphalt, including asphalt station, water emulsion asphalt, and rubber asphalt coating, asphalt waterproofing membrane has a very strong waterproof and Anti-corrosion, and durable when used.

The second category of rubber and plastic waterproofing membrane

Rubber and plastic waterproofing membrane using butyl rubber and polyurethane and other substances as raw materials, varieties of waterproofing membrane, waterproof film, water stop, rubber and plastic waterproofing membrane has a good tensile strength, flexibility, extension Rate, and use strong and firm.

The third type of cement waterproofing membrane

Cement waterproofing membrane in the use of time, for the waterproof, moisture, impermeable to the cement has a very good effect, in the underground engineering use of this waterproofing membrane used to plugging, the effect is very perfect.