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Brief Introduction to the Development of PVC Industry
- Jul 14, 2017 -

According to statistics in 2013 alone in the domestic PVC production of 24.76 million t / a, while the United States capacity of 7.52 million t / a, in recent years, PVC is growing at a rapid rate in the world to produce and widely used, especially Domestic PVC production capacity in 2010 to 2014 between the average growth rate of 4.54%, the average growth rate of 9.58%, which are due to some of the domestic infrastructure construction and construction needs increased!

We know that PVC is a PVC material, this material is a non-crystalline materials, non-crystalline plastic in the melting process without a fixed melting point and the appearance of transparent, our more common non-crystalline plastics, including PC and PVC. PVC itself is not toxic, but the vinyl chloride monomer used in the polymerization has a carcinogen.

To distinguish whether the PVC material is toxic depends on whether the resin has a health grade grease, followed by PVC in the synthesis of processing to join a large number of additives, additives are also divided into toxic and non-toxic, with opaque lead salt, cadmium, barium Salt and other stabilizers are toxic, in addition to other stabilizers are basically non-toxic, and other additives are also divided into toxic and non-toxic! Life commonly used in PVC is non-toxic, but PVC products are toxic to see the use of the product.