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Application Advantages of PVC Coil in Engineering
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Before the PVC membrane has not yet developed to the general use, the foundation waterproofing works are using plastic bags and cement bags, as the following as a waterproofing facilities, this waterproof way is also very cumbersome, if the weather is still very troubled , And the effect of water is very obvious, so people in the construction of the project brought great difficulties, waterproof membrane appears, the waterproof becomes simple, waterproof works only need a few pvc coil, you can do To a great waterproof effect, so for people to build the project brought a lot of help.

PVC coil after so many years of development, more and more varieties of coil, in addition to PVC (PVC) coil such coil, there are polymer waterproofing membrane, polyethylene polypropylene polyester waterproofing membrane and SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, these waterproofing membrane waterproof effect is not only obvious, and their cost is very expensive cost, and now in many municipal engineering and construction projects have been used in the field. Pvc coil is the addition of various types of common additives and anti-aging components, the use of advanced technology and made of a flexible waterproof membrane. Users can be assured when using the purchase.