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20 technical problems in injection molding and injection molding machines
- Oct 29, 2018 -

1. oil pump motor start circuit explanation

The starting of oil pump motor is star delta.

2. there are more than a dozen new and old machines in a factory. Oil seals often leak oil, and they leak for a while.

The oil temperature is too high, which makes the oil seal easy to ageing and damage the oil leakage, and the oil cylinder core wears out, resulting in scraping oil seal leakage.

3. explain the principle of electricity saving pump.

The power-saving pump is a variable flow pump. When the machine moves, the pressure oil pushes the mechanical action through the oil valve cylinder and then returns to the tank. When the machine does not move, the pressure oil returns to the tank directly.

4. electronic circuit board output and input explanation.

By the action of each induction switch and electronic ruler and other signals into the electronic board, the computer through the calculation and then output to the oil valve, to perform the action.

5. reasons and prevention of oil seal obstinate leakage

The wear of cylinder core scratches the oil seal causing stubborn leakage, keeping the cylinder core clean, avoiding wear and tear to prevent oil leakage caused by scraping the oil seal.

6. effect of pressure and flow rate on injection molding process

The linear ratio between pressure and flow is of great importance to the accuracy and stability of injection molding process parameters.

7. reasons for the slow production and the improvement measures

The main reason for the slow production cycle is the prolongation of cooling time and the prolongation of the feed time due to wear and tear. Improve the cooling effect of the die, shorten the cooling time, replace the worn screw, shorten the return time and speed up the production cycle.

The reason and treatment of screaming when 8. melts

The squeal is caused by the friction between the screw and the material or the friction with the barrel. Polishing or plating the screw to make the surface smooth and reduce friction, adjusting the center of the screw so that it does not friction with the barrel.

9. checking and adjusting method for parallelism of mode locking

Four dial meters are used to measure the stretching length of the Colin column in machine clamping to see if the equality of the Colin column clamping is not detected within the allowable tolerance. Then adjust the big nut of the Colin column to adjust the parallelism of the clamping die.

10. reasons and preventive measures of broken Colin pillars

The reason for breaking the Colin pillar is due to unbalanced mold clamping. Adjust the locking parallelism to prevent breakage.

Cause analysis of 11. elbow wear

The cause of elbow wear is due to the poor lubrication of the elbow.

Causes and prevention of breaking of 12. screw and dispensing head

The reason why the screw and the glue distributor break is that the plastic has not reached the melting temperature or the screw is stuck by iron block in the barrel.

13. analysis of cooler leakage

Because the acid or salty property of cooling water is too large, the pipes of the corrosion cooler cause the cooler to leak easily.

14. installation and application of nitrogen spray glue

Nitrogen injection is an additional device installed in the injection line. When injecting, nitrogen rapidly swells and extrudes the hydraulic oil, so that the hydraulic oil velocity increases to achieve rapid injection.

15. application of gas auxiliary equipment

When gas is used as a beer product, it can be filled in the product to empty the product and reduce the plastic material.

16. comparison of open loop and closed loop oil circuit

The comparison between open-loop and closed-loop oil circuit is that a pressure sensor is added to the closed-loop oil circuit at the nozzle. When the setting parameters deviate from the actual data, the pressure sensor will feed back the signal to the computer, and the computer will correct the deviation value, so that the set value is equal to the actual value.

Influence of 17. level on injection molding machine stage

Horizontal degree of injection molding machine is of great significance to the balance of machine unlocking mold and guarantees the smooth operation of the machine.

Causes and preventive measures of 18. template (head plate, second board, tail plate) cracking

The main reason for the breakage of the formwork is the stress in the formwork. Under the action of the stress, the formwork breaks. The stress should be eliminated in time when the formwork is processed, which can prevent the formwork from breaking.

19. when using engineering plastics, the solution of insufficient melt glue and insufficient injection pressure is needed.

When using engineering plastics, the insufficient melt glue torque may increase the first-order melt glue motor to solve the problem, and the insufficient injection pressure can be solved by reducing the screw diameter.

20. the reason and solution of the high temperature in the middle section of the tube

The temperature in the middle section of the material tube is rather high, mainly due to the insufficient smoothness of the screw surface and the friction between the screw and the material. Deal with screw surface polishing or plating. Reduce back pressure and other measures.